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Monday, September 18, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

We look forward to staying at Great Wolf Lodge each year.  It has become a tradition for the past 5 years!  Our family has a blast and we make so many fun memories!  

In the evening they have a storytime and after you can meet a character.


Our Room

Claire was obsessed with her balloon turtle!

Bunk beds

Watching Trolls in bed!
Exploring the Hotel

One of the characters is named Brinley

The girls got their own balloons (turtle, ladybugs, and dog)

So if you haven't ever heard of Great Wolf Lodge it is a hotel with a waterpark inside.  It is very family oriented and kid friendly.

I love watching my little family

The girls loved going on the tube rides with Daddy and I, especially Ashlyn.  She is finally tall enough that she can go down any slide on her own and she loved it!  Ashlyn wanted to try all the water ride and one of them I about peed my suit!  It was the Red Slide and you are in a tube that you are pretty much sitting on top of so I didn't feel secure and feared I would tip over real quick moving side to side.  It is enclosed and dark and to top it off, I was the one who went backwards.  Ashlyn absolutely loved it, but Derek and I only lasted one time.

Derek and I would take turns going on rides with the two older girls and play with the younger ones.

The two olders loved the leap frog station!  They were having so much fun I had to try it myself (yes- I was the only adult that did it! I even had little kids cut me in line and I had to explain that me that I am in line too.  Their faces were priceless).  Let me tell you that this is a lot harder than it looks.  Brinley and Ashlyn made it look so easy, but I only got to lilypad 3).

Cheering her sisters on!

In the morning we explored outside!  It was so beautiful!

These girls found feathers!

Daddy asked if they could fly with the feathers they found...

Desi absolutely loved going down the slide!  She wouldln't stop.  This girl wore me out! 

Claire loved the slides too.  She could do this all day!

Brinley you had to keep a close eye on because she would explore everywhere!  The slides were one of her favorites!

The wave pool

At the end of the day...these two were tuckered out!  
(I am not talking about the girls, but Derek and I...ha ha)

A place that Derek and I miss from Omaha is Red Robin!  When we found out that one was near by, we had to go!

Derek and I have been wanting to get out of Lufkin for a while now and after Great Wolf Lodge I didn't want to go back yet.  So we decided to stay another night at a hotel and explore Dallas.  

A fave of hotels is watching shows on TV that we don't have at home....Disney Jr!
Everyone's faces are glued to the TV!

We went to an aquarium!

We were just in time for the feeding of the stingrays.  So cool!

Touch time

Jellyfish are transparent so they become the color that the light is.  It was beautiful!

I love their little imaginations!


In the gift shop this girl had to touch every toy.

At the end they gave the girls a medal and Ashlyn completed a pamphlet throughout the tour.

This Aquarium was located in a mall and when the girls saw the carousel they had to give it a go!

Love these cute smiles!

My heart melts when I see all the girls get along and play together.  Dancing is their new fave.

Brinley is still working so hard on her reading!  She is doing great!


While I was at gymnastics with A and B, Daddy swam in the pool with C and D.  

Des found a bug and picked it up alive!

On Sunday afternoons we started watching musicals or movies with culture.  Last night was Secret Garden.  This is Ashlyn's artwork after watching the movie!
She is our little artist!