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Thursday, June 15, 2017

First Family Pictures in TEXAS

We got our family pictures done a few months ago by one of my friends and Derek's patient.  She did a wonderful job!  We absoltely loved how the pictures turned out.


Let the summer fun begin!

We are excited for summer! We hit it off with our new schedule: Make it Monday,  The library had a kick-off for the summer reading program, got a free book, and we decorated cookies.

This is Desi's new ccchhhheeeeeeeeessssseeeee face!

We do reading and math in the mornings and Brinley finished one of her workbooks.

Ashlyn made "her" house in the backyard.  She told me that she is allowed to come have a sleepover every night and she can be at "my" house twice a day.  
She is blessed with a great imagination!

Fun in the dirt

When I was a child I went to a babysitter named Helen (she is like a second mom to me) and during the summer we would have to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy and write in our science journal.  I have implimented something similar with the girls and we are having a blast with it. We have been watching Sid the Science Kid and in the middle of the show when they do an activity we do a similar activity and write in our science journal.  It is so fun!

We learned about nonstandard measurement and measured the paper and coffee table.  

These girls have filled up their letter with stickers by doing their homework.  They worked so hard to earn their chocolate bar.  I think we have some chocolate lovers in the house.

Take a trip Tuesday.... $1 Movie at the movie theater.
Secret Life of Pets

This girl earned her chocolate by doing mommy school and going potty in the toilet.

Wet Wednesday with Daddy.
Derek gets home at 3 o'clock on Wednesdays during the summer to spend more time with us. Of course we enjoy swimming with Daddy.

I have been wanting to get my girls involved with service.  This week we dropped off a meal for a family who recently lost a loved one. 

I am trying to learn a new skill that I have been wanting to do for awhile now....cut the girls hair.  It looks a lot harder than it is... I need a lot of practice!  I have watched a lot of youtube videos. It is great to learn while they are young, when they don't mind that it isn't perfect and hopefully will save me lots of money in the future. 

Thinking  Thursday: learning to make an orangle julius
Another memory of Helen's house is Orange Julius.  We made Orange Julius and had some popcorn! Yummy!

Movie Time

Derek and I like to do dates with the girls on Thursday nights.  We try to be consistent, but life happens sometimes.  This week Ashlyn and I went to Wendy's to get a frost (she has been begging for a couple of weeks now) and we went to the park and talked for awhile in the car.  She is so amazing!!!! I can't believe I am so blessed to have this little girl as my daughter.  As we were talking, I just felt the spirit touch my heart and remind me that this is one of your best friends! She is a talker, but she is also a wonderful listener.  She would ask me questions and we had a great conversation.  Ashlyn is so mature for her age.  Our date was very special for Ashlyn and I.

Fun Friday

We love Fridays because daddy doesn't work on Fridays and get to spend the whole day with us.  We had an eventful morning.  It started off with us running as a family (our new routine 3 times a week).

dkjalkjdlkjafjlkdjklj - running video

We went blueberry picking at a local blueberry farm.

Went to a Science Show at the library
Is it science or magic?

Then we went to the local airport and had lunch and watch the planes land and take off.

On Saturday I went on a Youth Temple Trip.  It was fun to remember so many fond memories of going to do baptisms weekly when I was a youth with my friends.  It is so easy to take the temple for granted and now that it 4 hours away I miss the temple.  It was fun to go with these girls and jam out to music on the long drive. It is so much fun to be in young womens!

Grilled Pizza for lunch after church.
My helpers!

Daddy's new workout

For our date night this week we went to one of our favorite Mexican Restaurant Herraduras and our waitor talked us getting in House Special that isn't on the menu.  It is fajatas with shrimp, chicken, steak, and cactus.  Well it turned out to be the spiciest meal ever!!!! Derek and I's mouths were on fire.  After one bit my mouth didn't turn normal for about 10-15 minutes (not exaggerating).  Well it turns out that there is a whole jalapeno in it.