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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Painting, tooth pulling, and ear piecing


Make it Monday is in full force! We have lots of artists in this household and we decided to do a fun craft.  I got this watercolor canvas idea from YouTube and we decided to twist it up and create canvases with the meaning of everyone's names. 
A= Dream
B= Burnt Ash (which she didn't like so we changed it to Beautiful)
C= Bright
D= Desire
E= Powerful

We put stickers on the canvas before we painted.

 Lunch Break

The finished projects!
Ashlyn was so proud to stack them up for the picture!

I have been trying to stick to my individual time with each kid!  I love the bond that it creates and the kids and I look forward to this time together.  I have tried spending time with 10 minutes with each kid/day, but that was too overwhelming for me so I changed it where each kid has their day of the week.  
Ashlyn chose Qwirkle

I have been making my health a priority!  I have been running each day and these cuties came with me on my run and they rode their bikes.  It was fun because we went when it was downpouring!

Time to read Tuesday!
We went to the library to return our library books.  There is something special about putting your own books in the return bin.

Each day they have an activity and today it was making your very own drum.

 This girl is a tease and didn't want me to take her picture, but I was able to capture this adorable smile!
She is such a tease!

This summer our library is doing a program where they give out free lunch and snacks everyday M-F and we happened to come at a great time!  Free lunch, no cooking, and no mess..... I plan to come more often!

Mommy and Brinley time- Puzzles!

This is the teacher inside of me, but I get so giddy when I see all my girls working hard on their homework in the afternoon.

I recently bought Bath and Body Works soap because they had a HUGE SALE!  Growing up I always thought of the people that had Bath and Body soap were rich because it was so yummy smelling and pricey.  Well since I bought it, I have had no struggles with the girls washing their hands after they use the bathroom or when their hands are sticky!  Win-Win!  I girl have mentioned to me how much they love the smelly soaps!

Ashlyn had a tooth that was just starting to get loose and asked Derek if he would pull it out before Utah.  That day he brought home a shot to get her numb so she could pull out her own tooth.  Derek huddled the girls together and told them all that he will give each girl one opportunity to get numb to pull out a tooth.  He said that he doesn't want to come home from work to work on his own kids' teeth.... ha ha.  He doesn't want to work more than he has to! 

This was her first time getting numb.  I forgot that a shot is a funny feeling until Ashlyn described it out loud.  It is fun to watch your kids experience things for the first time.
Her smile when she was numb!

Ashlyn pulled out her own tooth!  #4

The letter she left the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy hasn't had the best of luck at our house so we bought a Tooth Pillow to help her find the tooth and replace with money!

 Emmett is just getting so big!
He is just so adorable!

Another homework session in my bedroom.
We are all together!

I wanted to join these girls on the bench and make this face when I realized that we drove 40 minutes one way to another town for the girls' Dr. appointment and the appointment is for the next day!  I was lucky to have them get me in, but we had 1 1/2 hour wait.... what do you do with that long a wait with kiddos- Chick-fil-a! Yay for a playplace to kill time!

My girls are really into these figurines that my mom bought them when she came to town (Thanks Mom!) My mom said that when I was a little girl I would spend forever lining up my Sesame Street figurines and this reminded me of that!  

Love my boys!  Look forward to each week for our date night!  Emmett is our tag along until I am brave enough to leave my babysitter with 5 kids!

Take a Trip Thursday
We went to Tyler for the day to go to the Children's Museum.  We had a blast exploring and getting out of Lufkin for the day! I later realized that we spend more time in the car traveling than we did at the museum, but we don't mind the drive.  Derek and I listen to a book or podcast together and the girls get to watch movies on the ipad- WIN-WIN!

Lunch before the museum

On the way home Derek treated the girls and I with a memory he has from his mission.  There is a Frozen Custard place called Andy's that he loved on his mission and he wanted to share it with us!  It was so delicious!

All the girls got their hair cuts for summer!

It was Desi's first haircut.  Derek didn't want to get rid of her adorable baby hair curls so she just got a trim.

 This is funny because we had a talk where we don't pee in the swimming pool and so this is how the Williams' girls pee when we are swimming.

One found Claire sleeping in the living room one of the times that I got up to feed Emmett during the night.  She looked so peaceful!

This is our current favorite treat right now!  We love the fresh fruit and whip!

Ashlyn and I have been having a lot of chats lately and I love this book!  It has brought up a lot of discussion and fun conversations. Ashlyn loves the one on one time.  I also established something called the "Free Zone".  It means that Ashlyn can bring up anything where she will get no judgment, safe place to share thoughts, feelings, questions that she has where it is a safe place where we (Derek and I) promise we won't get mad or angry. I am hoping that it will strengthen our relationship now and continue to grow as she gets older.  
One of our recent discussions was about words that she has heard of at school that aren't good.  She told me that some kids say the b-word and d-word.  I asked her to tell me what those words are so we could talk about them.  B-word is butt and D-word is dumb.  I love the innocence!  

I am so behind the times and I just joined Instagram to follow one lady that I admire that is a contributor on my favorite Studio 5 show.  She talked about one of her favorite things is a disco ball as decor and so I had to try it out.  I love walking out in the mornings and seeing the reflections throughout the kitchen.  It make me happy!

This sweet dude has slept through the night 5 out of the 7 nights this week.  I can't complain about sleep because he is only 5 weeks!  YAY FOR SLEEP AND SANITY!

Soakin up the sun (and humidity)!
I absolutely love the heat!  I was sharing that with Derek and he said that he loves the mountains and cooler weather. 

Daddy loves his lunch break to spend time with his girls!

 This little dude was smiling and talking to me.  I wish I got it recorded, but I snapped a lot of pictures instead.

I was cleaning up in the kitchen when I took a moment to enjoy the present moment and then I observed what all the girls were doing during naptime for Desi and Emmett.

Brinley is doing Cosmic Kid Yoga- the Moana version

Ashlyn ran/walk 3 miles in 80 minutes.  She is one determined little girl!  She loves to work hard and push herself to the next level.

Claire was doing homework next to me as I was reading my scriptures.

Make it Monday and doing a project from the kids' summer bucket list - painting the pots from our backyard in almost 100 degree weather.  Good thing we went swimming right after that for FHE.

Finished projects

Running in action with my running buddy Ashlyn!  She is becoming quite the runner!

Library Fun

The activity today was magnetic slime

 Yummy Lunch!

Dad brought home a balloon for Emmett.  Last night Derek and I were talking about when Ashlyn was a baby we taped crape paper to our fans and she would spend forever watching it go round and round... so we decided that it would be fun to watch him with a balloon...I don't know what he thinks of it.

When we were at the show Incredibles 2, we were at the mall next to Claire's (the kids' jewelry store) and I decided to ask how much it cost to get ears pieced- $40!  I couldn't believe it!  
We had this rule that the girls could get their ears done when they turn 8 years old because that is how old I was, but Ashlyn has been begging to get them done.  Well Derek said that he could do it so we bought a gun on Amazon and Derek did it.  Ashlyn is so excited!  She said that no one will recognize her in Utah because she will have a tooth gone, hair cut, and ears pieced.

Prep- Ice bottles to numb the ears
Brave girl!

Ashlyn and Brinley finally earned their ipad by cleaning the WHOLE HOUSE!  They worked so hard and their goal was to ear it before coming to Utah!
We are excited to see everyone!