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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vacation to Utah!

Our flight was out of Dallas at 5:50am so we drove there the night before and stayed in a hotel. Up at 3:20am to get to the airport on time. These girls were good sports and great helpers. 

Ashlyn was always pulling extra luggage even when she wasn't asked. 

On the shuttle.

Grandma Martinson picked us up at the airport. We got our rental car and headed up to Eden, UT to the condo for the Williams family reunion!

Amberlin had fun with Desi.

Amberlin and Claire playing in the hammock.

Our outing to go shooting. Guns provided by Mike and David.

Trevor was dedicated to shoot guns no matter the cost. When he closed in on a target and pulled the trigger, the recoil caused the scope to leave a lasting impression on his head. He stopped crying after I finished stitching him up.

Living the life by the pool.

Trevor slept in the hammock each night and was awoken each morning by neices that were just happy to see him.

These girls love their Aunt Sabina!

Enjoying some good music.

We had so much fun meeting Riley for the first time! What a cutie!

Family pictures:

Maren tells great stories.

On our way back from the condo, we stopped at the Hill Aerospace Museum. These planes were YOOOGE!

Blackhead pulling party! It was rather somber.

On a morning walk, stopped for a break on a perfectly sized bench.

We spent the day at Payson Lake. We had a great time. It was beautiful.

Here's Nana getting pushed out to sea with Donna and Sally.

Brinley playing with Aubrey.

Brinley practicing rowing.

After the lake, we were invited to Donna and Sally's campground site for hot dogs and smores. It was really a fun night. These girls had fun exploring together.

This little one is always happy when she sees Grandpa.

Ashlyn lost a tooth!

She ended up losing it later at the cabin, without even knowing it.

Brinley loves being outside! Even when it was very hot, she was on bikes, tractors, pulling babies in the wagon, etc.

Lagoon! It was our second year in a row going to Lagoon! We had a blast! It was fun to go with cousins and Aunt Lissa and Grandma Martinson.

Thanks to Lissy for letting us use her stroller.

This little girl didn't want to go on many rides that went faster than 5 mph or higher than 5ft. She had a very concerned look on her face when she did.

She watched Brinley and Ash go on the "Egg Drop" ride and really wanted to go on it. I was pretty sure she would be scared but supported her in her decision (and made sure to get it on film).

This girl was fairly content watching the girls go on rides.

Our favorite roller coaster ride, Bombora!

Waiting in line caused me to get creative and ask the kids for the craziest face!

I couldn't help but join in.

It was worth the wait.

Fun in the water!

Jenny and I went on the newest roller coaster, Cannibal. It was scary and fun.

Bear Lake! Grandma and Grandpa Martinson finished their cabin and we were so excited to stay there!

On a ride on the Ranger, beautiful views.

Grandma helped each of the kids make their own shirts! It was such a fun idea!

The view from the front deck of the cabin. I could sit out here for hours and be completely content.

Aunt Lissy taught a song/dance to everyone:

On our way back home! What a great time we had!

Desi's got some great sisters.

Ashlyn's already working on her next tooth.

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