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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Utah Vacation continue

Grandma Martinson is always thinking of fun stuff to do with the grandkids.  Grandkids are the joy of her life.  I am so grateful for the example of two wonderful grandmas in my girls' life.  They are truly loved!

This girl is always finding shoes to wear.

We had so much fun at the Williams' Reunion!  While the boys went shooting, we had a girls party at the condo.  Playdo Time!  

Bathtime!  It is hard to find a tub that fits all the girls!

Making footprints with sand.

We enjoy going to Lagoon, especially with cousins!

I think this was Claire's favorite ride!  She went on it at least 10-20 times!

The Log Ride

Grandpa took all the girls in the Range and they had a blast!

I absolutely love the view!  It is fun seeing my parent's dream come true with building their cabin.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks for letting us come and enjoy it.  Many memoires are going to be made there.

I wanted to kill some time with the girls at the airport and we went into a bookstore and found this book.  I had to buy it for Ashlyn because the timing of losing her first tooth was perfect.  She read the book all by herself!  She is becoming a great reading!

**** I am going to post family pictures for Williams and Martinson side.

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